It is a World Sailing requirement in the RRS and the Equipment Rules of Sailing that the National federation be the authority to issue Class registration and measurement certificates and administer the process of issuing national sail numbers. Change of ownership invalidates the vessels current Measurement Certificate and a new certificate needs to be issued in the current owner’s name. It also ensures the National class registers are up to date and the vessels meet the requirements of the current class rules.

To register a new One design class vessel the Form RG01 needs to be completed and submitted together with the vessels Measurement schedule completed by a class measurer specifying compliance with the current class rules.

The Vessel will then be added to the Nationals class register and issued with the next consecutive RSA sail number.

For Change of Ownership of a registered vessel the Form RG02 needs to be completed together with proof of purchase and confirmation from the class measurer that no changes have been made to invalidate the current measurement schedule. A Measurement certificate in the new owner’s name will be issued and the necessary changes made to the national class database.

Registering your Measurement Certificate
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The registration of your Measurement Certificate is a requirement for participating in a One Design Class Race. It has nothing to do with the requirement for a sailing vessel >9m to have a Certificate of Fitness (CoF) in terms of the National Small Vessel Safety Regulations. If your yacht is >9m and you require a CoF click here.