The government of South Africa, through the Department of Sport and Recreation (SRSA) and South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) recognise only one federation to represent each sporting code in the country. South African Sailing (SAS) is the recognised National Federation representing the interests of sailing in all its forms in South Africa.

While SAS does organise regattas and the associated administration (it represents South Africa at ISAF and provides stewardship of the International Racing Rules that allow us to race here) it has a far more important and often unrecognised role of administering sailing at the discretion of Government.

SAS is structured in such a way as to ensure that the interests of all its members are addressed and that everyone is able to make representation and be heard through the regional structures - the Regional Executive Committees, their sub committees, e.g. Dinghy Committee, Keelboat Committee, Youth etc, which in turn are entitled to be represented on each of the National Standing Committees and Council.

The National Standing Committees and their areas of concern are:
arrow Inland & Offshore
arrow Sailing Management
arrow Community & Recreational sailing
arrow Hi-performance
arrow Finance & Administration
arrow Marketing & Communications

arrow To promote all aspects of the sport of sailing in South Africa and encourage excellence in it.
arrow To represent sailing in South Africa by ensuring excellence in race management and judging.
arrow To establish South Africa as a premier sailing destination.
arrow To grow awareness about the sport in the local community at large.
arrow To support and grow the South African boating industry.
arrow To support and grow the South African sailing retail industry.
arrow To ensure that the ISAF sailing regulations are enforced.
arrow To improve service delivery to SAS members via regional structures.
arrow To implement a sustainable National Training Scheme.
arrow To create Olympic Champions.