Foreign Registrations

If you wish to sail your yacht or powerboat to a foreign country a South African Sailing (SAS) listing alone is no longer acceptable. In addition your vessel needs to be registered through the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA).

For a fee SAS can assist with your SAMSA registration. Individuals are welcome to go to SAMSA directly, but in order to cut down on administration it is deemed more prudent to work through SAS.

Please note registration can be quite quick if you have all the required documentation, but if you do not have the required documentation it can be a lengthy process. For example, if you do not have adequate proof of ownership you may be required to advertise your claim to ownership of your yacht for a period of three months in the Government Gazette in order to “prove” ownership. Radio ship station licenses have also caused significant delays. So please start early.
To register through SAS please contact the Durban Office or the Cape Town Office. They will send you the required forms and help you with the process.

Note that if you go foreign your annual Certificate of Fitness (COF) from SAS is not sufficient. You musthave a Local General Safety Certificate (LGSC) which can only be issued by SAMSA. The safety inspection has to be done by a "SAS appointed SAMSA approved Safety Surveyor" and can no longer be done by any SAS Safety Officer. So if you plan to go foreign please ensure that your safety inspection is done by an appropriate safety officer.