Foreign Registrations

Marine Notice 15 of 2018 defines the requirements for foreign registered recreational vessels in SA waters. Briefly:

1. Foreign registered vessels passing through SA waters have the “right of innocent passage”. That includes coming into designated entry ports for repairs and supplies. These vessels do not need a CoF.
2. Visiting foreign registered vessels that want to cruise or take part in races in SA waters need a CoF. SAS is authorised to issue a 6-month CoF to visiting foreign registered vessels.
2. Foreign registered vessels which are based in SA on a more permanent basis must meet the full requirements of the National Small Vessel Safety Regulations. So they need both an approved marking and a CoF. The way SAS issues an approved marking is by issuing a Certificate of Listing (CoL).

Essentially what this means is that if you want a CoF from SAS for a foreign registered yacht based in SA, you must first get it listed by SAS and mark it with the appropriate SA or ZA marking. You can retain your foreign registration – and any markings required by that foreign registration.