Foreign Registrations

To leave South Africa or to arrive in a foreign country, your yacht must be registered. The country of registration is known as the yacht’s “flag state”. Unfortunately, a SAS Certificate of Listing is not a South African Registration.

Registering your yacht on the South African register must be done through SAMSA. The Registrar of Ships (Mrs Edwina Howard) is based in the SAMSA Cape Town office.

For a fee, SAS can help in the registration process. For logistical reasons, we strongly recommend that owners based in KZN work through the SAS Offices in Durban. In Cape Town, many owners prefer to work directly with SAMSA.

Please note that SA registration is a formal process and can take some time, particularly if your documentation is poor. Please start early. For example, the registration process requires you to have a Ship Station (radio) Licence in the name of the owner. The process of getting a Ship Station Licence can take several months.

Please note that there are some important formalities associated with South African registration. For example:

1. Your registration expires automatically after five years. It is important to renew your registration before it expires, otherwise you will have to start the process all over again.
2. It is a serious offence to sell a SA registered vessel or to change the name of a SA registered vessel without informing the Registrar. The fines can be very significant.