The chartwork questions are designed to help candidates prepare for the South African Sailing (SAS) navigation exams. If you can do the practice questions you should be able to pass the navigation exam without difficulty.

The questions are divided into three groups:
arrow Day Skipper
arrow Coastal Skipper
arrow Yachtmaster Offshore

To prepare for the Coastal Skipper, Yachtmaster Offshore or Yachtmaster Ocean chartwork exam you should ensure that you can answer all the questions from the lower levels. The exam papers typically draw questions from the lower levels to ensure that you have indeed mastered this material.

Use the links below to download the sample chartwork questions in pdf format:
arrow Day Skipper Questions
arrow Day Skipper Answers
arrow Coastal Skipper Questions
arrow Coastal Skipper Answers
arrow Yachtmaster Offshore Questions
arrow Yachtmaster Offshore Answers

For the chartwork exam you will require
arrow A clean practice chart SAN 3002
arrow An examination pad. (square blocks are useful for interpolation)
arrow A parallel ruler or a Portland plotter (both are required from Coastal Skipper upwards)
arrow Dividers, pencils and rubber
arrow A simple calculator with a square root button. A calculator with scientific functions is permitted but programmable calculators, cell phones and laptop computers are not.
arrow The SAS Exercise and Navigation Tables (2008 edition). This is only required for the Yachtmaster Offshore exam.

Examiners accept that candidates may not have written exams for many years. You will not be penalised unduly for the occasional careless mistake. Errors in principle are a different matter. You should not attempt the exam until you have mastered the necessary navigational principles.

There are rather special requirements for the Yachtmaster Ocean exam. You should discuss these with your examiner.