Application Process

SAMSA consider a SAS recreational sailing certificate of competence to cover recreational power vessels. This is clearly stated in Marine Notice 13 of 2011.

However, some local authorities have in ignorance refused to allow an individual with a sailing certificate of competence to launch a power boat at their launch site. That can ruin your day. So in about 2012 SAS started printing certificates of competence that stated explicitly that they are valid for sailing and power vessels. If you would like to convert your skipper’s ticket to one that specifically states “sail and power”, please click on the link below to download the application form.

arrowClick here to download the application for conversion to “sail and power”.

The cost is given on the price list below:

arrowClick here to view the price list.

The application form is a fillable PDF. For clarity, please fill it in electronically, print it and sign it. Then email it to the Cape Town office - leila{at}sailing{dot}org{dot}za or the Durban Office - debbieg{at}sailing{dot}org{dot}za - together with the supporting documentation.

There is however an important safety warning here. The SAS practical exam is typically conducted on a monohull sailing vessel >9m. Passing that exam does not mean that you are competent to skipper a large catamaran or a large power vessel with trim tabs or a tender with an outboard engine or a jet ski. Before you skipper a vessel, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully competent to handle the vessel and understand the safety issues involved.

For example, many jet ski’s injuries and deaths have occurred because jet ski novices failed to understand that you lose all steerage when you power down. The steerage comes from the jets. No jets equals no steerage.