Kitesurfing is a surface water sport that uses the wind to pull a rider through the water on a small surfboard or a kiteboard. Whilst strong winds are an irritation to some, kitesurfers spend their days in anticipation of strong, consistent wind conditions. Kitesurfing is a relatively new sport in South Africa, but technologies brought in from overseas have helped South Africa to quickly become a leading destination for kitesurfing enthusiasts.



Cape Town is becoming one of the most popular kitesurfing destinations in the world, with thousands of enthusiasts from countries such as Germany, Italy and the Netherlands flocking to the Mother City every summer. Some of Cape Town's most popular kitesurfing spots are Blouberg, Muizenberg, Big Bay and Melkbosstrand. The kitesurfing season runs from November until April, when the weather in Cape Town is both warm and windy.


Further up the Cape West Coast, Langebaan is internationally recognised as one of the top boardsailing venues in the world. It is a beautiful environment situated on the edge of a huge lagoon. The mornings start out dead calm and wind-free. Just before noon however, the wind picks up and you can head out onto the water.

Langebaan also has a fantastic kitesurfing operator and retail centre.


Port Elizabeth is known as the 'windy city' and during the holiday season around December, the winds are more than ample to power you and your board across the water. Once you’ve mastered the basics, the exhilaration is incomparable and you'll be quickly hooked to South African kitesurfing.

Eager novices will be happy to know that there are kitesurfing schools in Durban, Cape Town and even Johannesburg. Personal instruction, experienced instructors and all equipment are provided to ensure that you'll be mastering the waves and the wind in no time!