Windsurfing has become hugely popular in South Africa. This exhilarating combination of surfing and sailing is now practiced countrywide on rivers and dams as well as the ocean. It is not a difficult sport to learn and soon you could be speeding across the water... whether there are waves or not.

With its vast coastline and bountiful rivers, dams and lakes, it is not surprising that South African windsurfing is fast becoming a top sport. While inland river and lake windsurfing can be quite sedate, top sailors are able to achieve amazing speeds on the bigger dams.

A windsurfer is a long surfboard with an upright sail. The pilot uses the winds and the current to sail the board over water, and accomplished riders can execute amazing jumps and tricks. All of which help to achieve quite remarkable speeds depending on the wind conditions.

Here in South Africa the sport is just as popular inland as it is at the coast. You will find a large number of clubs, schools and venues where you can windsurf or learn the sport from scratch. The beauty of windsurfing is that you don't need a swell to 'surf'. What you do need is wind. So whether you are on a calm lake, or looking at breakers on a beach, as long as there is a breeze you can windsurf. Typically coastal areas are a lot more windy, so you will find more opportunities near the sea for windsurfing Technically this is slightly more demanding and not the easiest way for beginners to learn.

The sport is so well established that, should you wish to take a South African windsurfing holiday, there are a number of tours on offer... complete with a choice of tuition, accommodation and catering. Equipment hire is also readily available so even if you do own a board, you don't have to travel with it.